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Our Story

Established in 2021, Lophos Pharma was founded by CEO Claire Stawnyczy, driven by the aspiration to provide environmentally conscious and ethically sourced plant-based psychedelics to individuals in need. In Canada, Peyote, scientifically known as Lophophora williamsii, is legally accessible due to an exemption from the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA). With strong connections to the local Ojibwe community, the leadership team possessed a profound understanding of the essential nature of reliable and sustainable peyote resources in Canada, particularly for healing and ceremonial purposes.

Our leadership team comprises individuals with diverse backgrounds, spanning biotechnology, pharmaceutical manufacturing, food technology, quality assurance, and cybersecurity. This distinctive blend places us at the forefront of the industry, leading in the production of secure and natural psychedelics for responsible use.

Peyote, a psychedelic cactus that is revered and consistently consumed in indigenous spiritualism, boasts an admirable safety record. Lophos takes pride in upholding this legacy through the cultivation of safe and compliant peyote cacti, catering to Canadians and individuals in countries where its consumption is lawful.

Why Lophos
  • We are North America’s largest cultivation and research facility for Peyote (Lophophora williamsii).
  • Peyote is legal in Canada to grow, sell, and consume which gives us a regulatory advantage and an expedited path to revenue.
  • By employing advanced cultivation methods, we aim to decrease the peyote growth timeline from 13 years to as low as 3 years.
  • Backed by substantial expertise in pharmaceutical product manufacturing and controlled substance regulations, we skillfully navigate the intricacies of Peyote cultivation and production.
  • Diversity is intrinsic to our leadership structure and is fundamental to our success.
  • Our dedication to conserving this endangered plant is unwavering.

our incredible team

People Behind the Science

Claire Stawnyczy

President & Chief Executive Officer

Remantra Sheopaul

Chief Financial Officer

Giselle Barona

Quality Person in Charge (QPIC)

Dr. Aslihan Akkar-Schenkl

Advisor | Pharmacist and Ph.D in Pharmaceutical Technology, German & European Patent Attorney.

Zenaido Tres Camacho, PhD

Advisor | Professor, Cell and Molecular Biology, Head of the Department of Natural Sciences, Western New Mexico University

Cory Harris, PhD

Advisor | Professor, Department of Biology, University of Ottawa

Evan Stawnyczy

Advisor | Technology, Security, and Indigenous Affairs

Michael Frank

Advisor | Chairman of the Board and CEO of Revive Therapeutics

Joshua Herman

Advisor | Founder of Herman Holdings Limited and Director of Revive Therapeutics

Fabio Chianelli

Advisor | Chairman of the Board and CEO of PharmaTher Holdings Ltd.