About Us

Our Story

We are Lophos Pharma – we specialize in plant-based psychedelic research and cultivation., and we support the traditional use of psychedelic medicines 

We endeavor to provide safe access to plant-based therapeutics and to discover and develop new pharmacological treatments for disorders that may find relief in psychedelic based therapies.

Our leadership team brings a varied  background which includes biotechnology, pharmaceutical manufacturing, food technology, cannabis quality assurance, and cybersecurity. 

We are passionate about providing safe and accessible therapies for everyone and believe in the therapeutic potential that plant-based therapies could deliver.

Why Lophos
  • Our target psychedelic plant (peyote) is currently legal in Canada.
  • We have a friction-free path forward to Natural Health Product production and manufacturing.
  • We’re utilizing advanced grow techniques to reduce the peyote growth cycle and improve cultivation timelines from 13 years to as low as 3 years. 
  • We are passionate about the conservation of this endangered plant.
  • We are experienced in pharmaceutical product manufacturing and controlled substance regulations.
  • Our leadership has diversity built-in.
  • North America’s largest cultivation and research facility for peyote and various other psychedelic flora and fungi.

our incredible team

People Behind the Science

Claire Stawnyczy

President & Chief Executive Officer

Evan Stawnyczy

Chief Information Officer

Giselle Barona

Vice President of Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs

Fabio Chianelli

Advisor | Chairman of the Board and CEO of PharmaTher Holdings Ltd.

Michael Frank

Advisor | Chairman of the Board and CEO of Revive Therapeutics

Joshua Herman

Advisor | Founder of Herman Holdings Limited and Director of Revive Therapeutics

Zenaido Tres Camacho, PhD

Advisor | Professor, Cell and Molegular Biology, Head of the Department of Natural Sciences, Western New Mexico University