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Peyote Research Company – LophosPharmaceuticals Corp. Presenting at Lift & Co Expo in Toronto

by in Press Releases February 14, 2023

Toronto, Ontario–(Newsfile Corp. – May 10, 2022) – Lophos Pharmaceuticals Corp., a Canadian psychedelic research company is scheduled to present at the upcoming Lift & Co. Expo next week, Friday, May 13th. The feature presentation titled,  “Nature’s Medicine: Peyote’s Place in the Psychedelic Industry,” is scheduled for 11:30am.

Claire Stawnyczy, President & CEO of Lophos Pharma, will present her plan to create sustainable peyote cultivation and affiliated chemical compound research. The presentation will elaborate on peyote’s place in the psychedelic industry, and how peyote’s traditional use should be responsibly and sustainably researched using modern techniques.

“I look forward to sharing how Lophos’ will take what we’ve learned in cannabis cultivation and apply it to the responsible cultivation of peyote, as well as describing the research we intend for the peyote plant and its chemical derivatives.” – Claire Stawnyczy.

In her presentation, Claire will help unpack what peyote is, why the endangered cactus is important to indigenous peoples, and why it is worthy of cultivation research to enhance conservation efforts. The presentation will also include information on what makes this plant unique, the challenges of cultivating peyote, and of course; how Lophos Pharma plans to play a key role in the future of peyote and peyote-derived pharmaceuticals.

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